Blogger of the Month: Q&A with Britt Hartel

We’re so happy to introduce you to January’ s featured Blogger of the Month, Britt Hartel from Britt is a mama to a sweet baby boy and has a knack for interior design. Her beautiful blog incorporates the two perfectly and showcases her style, love for travel and motherhood.

Read on to see how Britt started off blogging and what advice she has for others.

Blogger of the Month Britt Hartel

Blogger of the Month: Britt Hartel

1. Tell us about you and your blog and why you chose to blog about lifestyle, design and motherhood.

I started my blog in August 2017 to share my love for modern yet warm decor; for the process of turning a house into a home by considering both style and function and to share glimpses of my journey as mama to one adventurous and loving little boy.

Interior design is my passion and something that I find continues to evolve as I learn about myself and the needs of my family.  My husband and I have had the great fortune of designing and building a custom home to suit our every need. We are nestled in the trees, in our quiet little Canadian beach town, a place we feel fits our lifestyle so perfectly.

I have an (admittedly) unhealthy obsession with the colour white, with warm wood, good espresso, fine linen and over-engineered handmade furnishings (a nod to my wildly talented husband).

My blog allows me the opportunity to connect with a community who share similar interests and values and to share our experiences through this adventure known as motherhood.

2. How do you stay inspired to create content for your readers each week? 

I am so inspired by those in this virtual community. Continuing to create content means that I am able to participate and to be a part of that community.  Additionally, while many days can feel the same, my little one is always changing and so the needs of my family are always changing.  It is exciting to share those experience and how they impact our daily life as well as how they impact our home. It is about taking the simplest of moments and celebrating in a creative way.

3. What are some of the ways you’ve grown your audience?

It is going to sound cliché but growing an audience really is all about being social.  It’s about sharing thoughts and ideas and celebrating others for doing the same.  As a way to promote my account, I have participated in a couple of carefully selected giveaways.  Lastly, it’s all about creating relevant, useful content; it’s important to offer your audience something that appeals to them.

4. Can you tell us about 3 tools you use to make blogging easier?

1. My camera.  Imagery is such a huge part of this business.  I invested in a good camera to allow me to create the images that represent my brand (something I’m still defining).

2. Instagram.  I have found my best tool for growing my audience is Instagram.  It is so easy to connect with a community on this platform!

3. My husband (does that count? ☺).  My husband is a source of inspiration for me and he is the reason my ideas go from concept to reality.

5. Who are some of your favourite Canadian bloggers? 

This is a tough one for me as there are so many beautiful pages created right here in Canada!

Natalie Chong is my favourite Canadian Designer.  Her webpage and Instagram speak to modern, warm design.  I would love to go shopping with her! ☺ @lovenataliechong

Melissa Braedley has a beautiful Instagram feed and creates crisp imaging of real-life motherhood.  @melissabraedley

Alexandra Rodi captures the feeling of her work with “Lover for all things good for the soul”.  Her content is warm and welcoming! @honestly_alexandra

Jillian Harris’ work is incredible.  Her content is relevant and I admire the way she allows her audience into her life. @jillian.harris

6. What advice would you give fellow Canadian bloggers that has helped you? 

Don’t try to fit in.  I spent the first few months of my blogging journey trying to conform in terms of “what a blog should look like”.  I agonized over posting schedules and my writing; to the point that it wasn’t fun for me anymore.  I took most of the month of December off of writing because I felt it was too much pressure.  I am starting 2018 with a fresh outlook.  I am going to post as often as fits my life.  I will be consistent and I will offer content that is of interest to me.  My hope is that my genuine approach will appeal to others, and if it doesn’t, I know I will have enjoyed the process.

7. Share your favourite post right now on your blog! 

With the season of Canadian Winter escape upon us, I think it valuable to share my Travel Gear Guide.

Thank you, Britt for sharing your blogging journey with us so far. Be sure to check out her blog and social media to stay up to date!

Instagram:  @britt.hartel
Blogger of the Month Britt Hartel


  1. I love these featured blogger interviews, it’s such a nice way of getting new ideas and inspiration!
    Now I’ve found a whole bunch of lovely bloggers to follow/read. <3

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