Stock Photos, Blog Monetization and More: Our Top Blog Posts of 2017

2017 has been an incredible year for bloggers, as well as Bloggers of Canada. From launching our blog in February, launching the Blogger Directory in September and launching our Stay Creative box for female entrepreneurs in October, it’s been a busy year. But what we’ve enjoyed the most over these last 12 months, has been connecting with so many incredible Canadian bloggers. We’ve been so inspired by the content that is shared by our community, and you drive us to keep improving!

We created a lot of content ourselves in 2017, and here were the top 10 blog posts you enjoyed most!

#1: 20 Canadian Blogs We Love

We kicked off 2017 by looking at 20 Canadian blogs that we loved and inspired us. It was a big hit, and we received a ton of feedback that people found new Canadian creators to follow. In 2018, we plan to continue this series by sharing our favourites in each niche, to showcase some of the amazing Canadians who are sharing stories online.

#2: 10 Canadian Craft / DIY Blogs We Love

Another popular post this year, was our 10 DIY Blogs We Love for National Craft Month. These 10 bloggers are always sharing tutorials and projects to help their readers update and decorate their homes on a budget!

#3: How To Build Blog Engagement Using Instagram

There is a never-ending list of tools to help you with every aspect of blogging, from creating Instagram photos, scheduling your social media posts, checking your SEO…but every once in a while you come across a truly amazing tool that offers instant value. For us, that was Linktree, and we loved it so much we created a tutorial on how to use it.

#4: 18 Ways to Promote Your Blog Post in 1 Hour

After 3 years in the blogging game, there’s one thing we know for sure:  blog PROMOTION is even more important than creation. There’s no magical formula for creating a viral blog post, and  promotion takes time, research and effort. So this is why we put together a list of 18 different ways you can promote your blog post in just one hour.

#5: How To Theme Your Instagram In 7 Steps

Putting thought into your Instagram brand or theme, can mean the difference between a post with 10 likes and 100 likes, not to mention catching the attention of other readers, bloggers, and brands. Theming your Instagram is one way to create a cohesive feel in your images that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We share 7 steps to help you do that!

#6: 32 Places to Find Free Styled Stock Photos

Another big hit on the blog this year was this post that listed 32 places to find free styled stock photos. We’re not talking the corporate stock photos of a woman or man sitting at a desk looking bored, we’re talking beautiful, styled photography that evokes real emotion. And we know that a lot of times, you have to pay a pretty penny for styled photos. But there are a few hidden corners of the internet where you can find FREE and styled stock photos you can use for your blog or social media. Check out 32 of them.

#7: 50 Free Gorgeous Styled Stock Photos

On the topic of styled stock photos, we worked with our friend and photographer Ina Soulis from to bring our readers 50 excellent quality photos that have a cohesive feel and theme. If you don’t already have your 50 photos, make sure to download them here. 

#8: 5 Ways to Get Your First Paid Blog Post

Blog monetization is always a popular topic for bloggers in all niches. We love what we do, and many of us would do it for free, but there is something truly satisfying about being paid to do something you love. Getting your first paid blog post can be a major task, so we shared 5 steps to get you started in your search for paid opportunities.

#9: 10 Things Highly Effective Bloggers Do

Do you ever look at your favourite Canadian blogger and wonder how they do it all? How do they post once a week, or take pro level photos for their Instagram account? Well, we wondered that to, so we reached out to 10 highly effective bloggers to find out what their habits are.

#10: Setting Your Sponsored Blog Post Rate

As you start building your online brand through your blog and social media, it’s natural that brands may start reaching out to you to work with you in some way. The question you’ll ask yourself at this time is “how much should I charge?” We run through a simple formula to help you get started, and also provide some additional tips on how you can set a price on the value that you can provide a brand.

As blogging continues to be one of the main ways that businesses, entrepreneurs and influencers connect with their audience, we know it’ll remain a hot topic in 2018. We look forward to sharing more info to help you grab a piece of the blogging pie. If you have ideas for future topics you’d like to see covered on our blog, leave them in the comments below!

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