Holiday Gift Guide for Bloggers

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The holidays are creeping up on us and that magical time of year is nearly here. You have lists galore for all of your loved ones and maybe you have even started to buy a few things. Gift guides are everywhere to make life a little easier and to give you some ideas for holiday shopping, but what about the bloggers and creatives on your list? What on earth do we get them? Our Holiday Gift Guide for Bloggers is sure to help you out with some awesome ideas! Best of all, they can all be purchased without even leaving your couch. Bonus!

Holiday Gift Guide for Bloggers

Stay Creative Subscription Box

Who doesn’t like getting happy mail? Especially when it comes in the shape of a box with lots of goodies inside of it! Goodies to treat yourself and grow your blogging and entrepreneurial dreams! It’s a win-win for everyone. Purchase online and get a downloadable gift certificate to gift to the lucky recipient. Of course, there is nothing wrong with gifting yourself one too!

gift guide for bloggers

The Content Planner

A bloggers dream! We all know we need to plan our days. This planner takes it to a whole other level with goals, dreams, hashtags and social media sections, all designed to get you to “plan for profit”.

gift guide for bloggers

A Notebook

For the multitude of ideas flowing around your head, a notebook is a must to have by your side at all times. Trust me when I say, we can always use another notebook.

Cute Mug

What gets us through the day? Coffee! and lots of it, so why not drink it out of cute mug.

DSLR Camera

Camera phones are great, but there is something about an actual camera that just can’t be replaced. If you really want to up your photography game, purchase yourself a DSLR and learn how to use the manual settings. You won’t be disappointed.


Whether you are taking a headshot, flat lay, or product shots, a decent tripod works wonders for your photos.

Wifi SD Card

The best invention ever if we do say so ourselves. Use this SD card to store your photos AND download the app onto your phone. As long as your camera and app are running, all of the photos will be sent straight to your phone all by using wifi. How convenient is that?!

Light Box

Light is your best friend when it comes to taking amazing photos. A simple lighting kit works wonders and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Power Bank

There is nothing worse than a dead cell phone. A power bank is one of those simple things you would never think to pick up for yourself. So ask for it in your stocking this year and you will never run out of juice, mid Instastory.

Blogging Course

If you really want to delight someone this holiday, gift them with a blogging course so they can really up their game. Check out our friend Chelsea from HerPaperRoute and choose from anyone of her amazing online courses.

Graphic Design

One of the best gifts that I ever received for Christmas was a new logo design. Contact a graphic designer to see about getting a gift certificate for one of their packages. We love Kelsey from Kelsey MacMillan Designs.


A book is always one of our favourite things to receive, especially what it’s something that you are going to learn and benefit from. Big Magic, Blogging for Creatives,  The Productivity Project, or You Are a Badass are all great books to add to someone’s library.

We hope this holiday gift guide helps you check some things off of your list and maybe even helps you add some to yours!

What is one must-have item on your list this holiday? Let us know in the comments.

gift guide for bloggers


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