32 Places to Find Free Styled Stock Photos

We live in a visual world. The success of apps like Snapchat & Instagram have proved that. And the latest stats that say content with images receive more clicks than content without, proves it too! But here’s the problem: being a super creative blogger or social media influencer, doesn’t always mean you have professional photography skills. This is where stock photography comes in. Now, we’re not talking about the “traditional” stock photos with men and women in suits shaking hands, or friends fake laughing at a coffee shop.

What we’re talking about today on the blog, is beautiful styled stock photography, and all of the free places you can find it!

18 Places to Find Free Styled Stock Photos

Rekita Nicole

Free Styled Stock Photos

Rekita is a graphic and web designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. When you subscribe to her blog, you’ll be signing up to receive monthly images in your inbox, as well as access to her Photo Stock Library. This library is full of beautiful flat lays and colourful images you will LOVE!



Free Styled Stock Photos

This is where Jilly Levenhagen shares her absolutely wonderful stock photography. The images are sorted by category, with a specific section for colourful, styled stock photography. Note: You’ll need to attribute her in all photos you use, unless you pay a $5 fee for a lifetime non-attribution license.


Free Styled Stock Photos

Julie from Montreal shares her Must-Have Photography Kit for Bloggers + 12 free styled stock photos when you subscribe to her blog!


Free Styled Stock Photos

This “colorful corner of the internet” as described on the blog, is a great place for bloggers and online entrepreneur inspiration! Major bonus: When you subscribe you’ll receive 15 gorgeous free stock photos!

 Creative Convex

Free Styled Stock Photos

Creative Convex provides high resolution photography for creatives. For those who want access to 20 of these photos for free, you’ll need to subscribe to the blog. The best part about this free photo pack, is that is comes with Pinterest optimized vertical images too!

Ashley Creates Things

Free Styled Stock Photos

This creative entrepreneur can really snap a styled photo! Click here to get 10 free stock photos you can use on your blog and social media, just remember to credit her when you use these!

A Prettier Web

Free Styled Stock Photos

Subscribe to Mel’s beautiful blog and you’ll receive 7 free pretty desktop shots right away! You’ll also receive notifications via email whenever she creates new FREE styled stock photos for her readers!

City Girl Searching

Free Styled Stock Photo

Sign up to get access to the City Girl Searching resources library, a beautiful space for creatives that includes blogging tools, resources, printables and FREE gorgeous styled stock photos.

WonderfelleFree Styled Stock Photos

Susbcribe to the Wonderfelle blog and you receive 10 free styled stock photos in your inbox, as well as new ones each month!

Ivory MixFree Styled Stock Photos

This is one of the largest free styled stock photo library’s there is, with over 300 photos and growing. Subscribe to the library and you’ll receive more photo packages each month (they’ve been known to send over 70 FREE photos in just one month!)

Feminine Stock

Free Styled Stock Photos

This is a powerful community for women to find beautiful images that speak to your brand. Sign up to receive 5 styled stock photos, and more free images each month!

Jacque Amadi

Free Styled Stock Photos

Jacque loves to share freebies with her readers. Click to download these cute styled stock photos for your blog!

Market Beautifully

Free Styled Stock Photos

All you need to do is supply your email to get instant access to 90+ free stock photos from Market Beautifully!

It’s Organized

Free Styled Stock Photos

Sign up for the It’s Organized Resources library for creative resources for bloggers and businesses. You’ll get access to templates, photoshop resources, planners, free stock photos and more!

Turquoise & Palm

Free Styled Stock Photos

Sign up for their newsletter and receive 15 gorgeous photos, plus new photos every month!

Haute Chocolate

Free Styled Stock Photos

You’re probably very familiar with this stunning site. But if you’re not ready to fork over the $200+ dollars for a yearly subscription, sign up to receive 4 beautiful styled photos and more photos each month!

Shay Cochrane

Free Styled Stock Photos

Subscribe to Shay’s blog on styling & photography, and receive free styled stock images to your inbox monthly!

Bloggers of Canada

Free Styled Stock Photos

What kind of self-promoters would we be if we didn’t also include ourselves on the list? If you subscribe to our blog on the right hand side, or sign up for the Bloggers of Canada Network, you also 5 free styled stock photos straight to your inbox!

A special note: When using stock photography, even when it’s free, please make sure to read any terms and conditions on the websites. When some stock says “Free,” you may still be required to give credit back to the sources.

While the list above focuses more on styled stock photography, here is a list of 14 more spots you can find a wide variety of stock images. Everything from scenery to food to travel!

14 more spots where you can find free stock photos


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