6 Ways To Use Instagram Stories

Instagram has been a favourite since the very beginning. With so many new users every single day, it is a huge force in the social media game. Gorgeous feeds and informative accounts make it a great place to get inspired, buy new products and services, and meet new people.

Instagram has always been about the pictures, but now, with the addition of the Stories feature, we are able to utilize it in many more amazing ways and good thing because with the ever changing algorithms, it’s hard to get your content out there and noticed.

6 Ways To Use Instagram Stories

Behind The Scenes

We love seeing into other peoples lives. It’s human nature. As followers of an Instagram account, we also appreciate seeing the not-so-perfect side of those lives. If you showcase products, services, or things you have created, show your followers what life is like behind the scenes. Show how you go about your day, your office space, a day in the life, or how you create a specific product that you sell. We love seeing people’s processes and how they spend their time. Using Instagram stories is a great way to put a personal spin on your polished IG account.

A Weekly Series

Choose a day of the week or a time of day and start a series. Maybe every Monday morning you talk to your followers about your weekly goals and plans so they can help you hold yourself accountable. Wednesday’s you share wise words or something you have learned that you want to share with everyone. Thursday’s could be a Q&A where your followers can ask you anything. Stick to a schedule and people will consistently come back to see what you are sharing.

Show When You Post Something

With the new algorithm, it can be hard to get your content noticed. Take a screenshot when you share a new post to Instagram and upload it to your story. Take a screenshot when you share a new post to Instagram and upload it to your story. Put a sticker on top of it, or colour over the picture to get your followers over to your account. This adds some mystery to what you have just posted. When they get there, they may like the picture and anything new that they haven’t seen yet.

Share Your Blog

Take a video, add some fun music and show everyone that a new post is up on your blog. Type out the link and if you have a business account, directly link people right to your site.


This is one of the scariest things to do, but it can be the most rewarding. Do an unboxing, show people what you are making for dinner, or do a chat session and answer peoples questions, LIVE! Doing this will connect you to your followers like no other. They will remember you, engage with you and may be more inclined to read what you are writing and share the stories that you are telling when they have more of a personal connection to you.

Gain More Followers

Next time you do a story, tag where you are by using location services and use hashtags. I guarantee you will see a big difference in the eyes that are watching your story. This could turn into new followers for you and new people to your website.

What do you like most about Instagram Stories? Any tips to share? Let us know in the comments below.

Ways to use Instagram Stories

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