31 Blog Post Ideas for July

Summer is here. Can you believe we made it? We made it through the cold winter and those dark nights, and now the sun is finally shining. And this beautiful season offers plenty of inspiration for your blog. From summer travel tips to outdoor workout ideas, here are 31 blog post ideas for July!

31 Blog Post Ideas for July

July 1 – Happy Canada Day! Take the day off and enjoy the celebrations.
July 2 – Promote your Instagram by sharing your most-liked photos and the story behind them.
July 3 – Create a cottage weekend packing list for your readers.
July 4 – Do you meal prep? Share your go-to recipes.
July 5 – Review a book on your summer reading list.
July 6 – July is National Grilling Month. Post a round-up of your fav BBQ recipes!
July 7 – Wedding season has arrived! Compile a list of affordable wedding guest outfits.
July 8 – What’s in your beach bag?
July 9 – How do you organize a small space? Write a blog & include photos.
July 10 – Document a DIY project with and share a step-by-step guide!
July 11 – Host a guest blogger in your niche.
July 12 – Hold a summer-theme giveaway for your readers!
July 13 – Share 5 summer fashion tips for the office.
July 14 – Travel is trending on Pinterest. Write a blog on your summer travel tips!
July 15 – It’s Canada’s Parks Day! Visit a park in your area and blog about it.
July 16 – It’s National Ice Cream Day. Share a simple ice cream recipe on your blog!
July 17 – Does your productivity go down in summer? Share some tips for ramping it up!
July 18 – Upcycle a piece of furniture and share step-by-step instructions.
July 19 – Guest blog on another blogger’s website and share it out.
July 20 – Share your tips on how you keep your family safe during summertime!
July 21 – What are your summer beauty essentials?
July 22 – Tell a story using 5 of your Instagram posts.
July 23 – List 5 local places to try an outdoor workout.
July 24 – How do you beat the heat? Share 5 tips for staying cool!
July 25 – Share the love! Link to 5 other bloggers in your niche.
July 26 – It’s National Picnic Month! Share recipes & tips for planning the perfect picnic.
July 27 – Hosting a BBQ this month? Share your fav BBQ recipes.
July 28 – List 10 things on your summer bucket list.
July 29 – Test out 3 popsicle recipes on Pinterest and blog your reviews!
July 30 – Blog about the best patios in your city for a dinner out.
July 31 – What did you pin this month? Post a round-up of 10 Pinterest pins.

31 blog post ideas for July


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