9 Social Media Hacks Every Blogger Must Try

When you think of all of the social media and blogging tools out there, it can be a bit overwhelming at times. There are tons of articles out there on the best tools for this, and top tips for that. So we’ve gathered up our 9 favourite social media hacks that we KNOW work well for us! Experiment with the social media hacks below, and let us know what works for you.

So, here are our 9 social media hacks for bloggers.

Make a Twitter List

Create a Twitter list of influencers and other bloggers within your niche that you want to interact with. If you’re a new food blogger for example, save 20+ food bloggers to a Twitter list called “Favourite Food Bloggers” and they’ll receive a notification that you added them to this list. Then, make a plan to open up this list each week to engage with the recent tweets on it.

Create a Feedly list of other blogs you love

Feedly is an RSS feed aggregator, similar to Bloglovin’. The part I like most about Feedly though, is that I can create different sections with similar RSS feeds. I have one for health sites I like, content marketing blogs, and more. Create a group with RSS feeds from blogs you want to interact with, so you can easily see when they share a new post and you can share it out on social media! This is a great way to build relationships as a new blogger. (It also hooks up to social media sharing apps like Hootsuite and Buffer!)

Bookmark free photo sites

In the bloggersphere, you can never have enough beautifully styled stock photography. Take a look at our list of 32 places to find free styled stock photos, and bookmark your favourites so you can always easily find new photos to add to your blogs or social media images.

Re-size your images for social media all at once

Sprout Social’s free image re-sizing tool, Landscape, is a lifesaver. You can upload one image, and select every social media network you’d like it re-sized for, and download all the image files at once time. You can re-size an image for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Google+ all in one go!

Time box your Instagram engagement

Once a day, plan a time when you want to engage with people on Instagram. Set a 5 minute alarm, and for the next 5 minutes, engage with content you like. Whether that’s liking people’s posts in your feed, searching a hashtag in your niche and commenting on photos you like, etc. You can do a lot in 5 minutes, and it won’t feel so overwhelming!

Get a Pinterest business account

If you’re new to blogging, you’ll want to set up a Pinterest account to share your blog content and similar content for your niche. Make sure when you set yours up, or start using your personal Pinterest account, that you switch to a Business one. You will get way more powerful analytics!

Join Twitter chats

Find Twitter Chats related to your niche and start engaging with the people participating in them. You don’t necessary need to join and share your thoughts on the particular Twitter topic, but you can find new like-minded people to connect with and other bloggers in your niche. Check out more on how to grow your blog traffic with Twitter Chats!

Use chrome extensions for social media productivity

There are tons of chrome extensions that make a new bloggers life easier, but my favourite is BuzzSumo. Download this extension to get social share data on any web page you visit!

Optimize your Instagram Stories

One of the best parts about Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat, is that you can post photos and videos that you’ve previously taken within the last 24 hours, in a seamless way. Collect photos throughout the day, and find time to sit down create a story with more creativity and thoughtfulness. This way, you don’t have to come up with your captions or tag people while you’re on the go!

Do you have any other social media hacks for bloggers? Share them in the comments below!

social media hacks for bloggers

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