8 Types of Blog Posts You Should Write

Do you ever sit down, staring at your computer screen wondering what to write? Maybe you are doing so now, suffering from writer’s block and not enough inspiration. Maybe you are creating post after post, spending so much time and energy putting them together and not having the rush of traffic you had hoped for. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Certain types of posts do better than others. It’s just the way it is. Some posts are also easier to write if you are having trouble coming up with content you want to get out to your readers. To help you get those fingers typing, instead of looking at a blank computer screen, we have put together a list of popular types of blog posts to write if you looking for new ideas or that next viral post.

8 Types of Blog Posts You Should Write

Round up

If you haven’t done one of these, you should. Essentially a round up is a post that features other people’s content. It’s a quick list or “round up” of your favourite articles from the week. These are always a winner and they can bring a lot of traffic to your blog and help you make some new blogging friends who will forever want to share your content.


Everyone loves a list. Any topic can be created using a list format. These types of posts are easy to create and are even easier for people to read and share.

Personal Essay

There is nothing better than sitting down and reading something that tugs at your heart strings. More often than not, these types of posts are something heartfelt and raw and usually a topic that most people don’t like to discuss with the world. These kinds of posts get lots of shares and comments because people love real life.


It is so easy to find information about anything you can possibly imagine on the internet. Because of this, people are more informed when they go to make purchases. If you have something you love or hate, write about it. Chances are, there is someone looking for that information and they will stumble right onto your blog.


Have you recently discovered something amazing?! Blog about it and put the word “secret” in your post title. People are always curious when they see anything that has the word “secret” in it and they are even more curious to learn something that could potentially be life changing for them.

How – To

Also a big hit and probably one of the most searched phrases on the internet. Do you know how to build, cook or clean something? Add “How-to” in your blog post title and people will love to see how you do things.


There is no better way to get people coming back to your blog then by doing a series post. A daily, weekly or even a monthly series on a specific topic will have readers eager to see what the next installment will be.  Try a series on
“2 Weeks to Cutting Sugar Out Of Your Diet” or “1 Week To Start A Blog.” The opportunities are endless.


People love a good DIY. They love it even better when it’s something on trend, easy and that they can do on a budget. Next time you are doing anything your self, make sure to snap some photos and document the process.


A popular post to create is a seasonal one. Whatever season it is, think of the holidays that go along with it and create recipes, decor ideas and fun things to do. People are always searching for these and could stumble upon what you are sharing.

What is your favourite type of post to write? Let us know in the comments!

Popular types of blog posts

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  1. I love sharing something that I learned, in the hopes that it will help a reader if they’re going through something similar.

    I also enjoy more personal posts like “10 things about me” or “life lately” because not only does it allow me to think about what to include but it also gives me the space to reflect and it becomes like an online diary that I can look back on myself.


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