30 Blog Post Ideas for June

June is here, and it’s easily one of our favourite months of the year. The weather is warming up, kids are finishing school, and Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations are in preparation. This month’s list of blog post ideas will get you and your readers feeling so excited for summer.

Without further ado, here are our 30 blog post ideas for the month of June!

30 Blog Post Ideas for June

June 1 – School is almost out! Share 5 ways to keep your kids entertained this summer.
June 2 – Do you have a green thumb? Spread your gardening wisdom!
June 3 – Planning a summer road trip? What are your best travel tips?
June 4 – Share the love! Link to 5 other bloggers in your niche.
June 5 – What did you pin this month? Post a round-up of 10 Pinterest pins.
June 6 – Summer outfits are trending on Pinterest. What’s in your closet?
June 7 – Show your readers what you eat in a day (+ recipes!)
June 8 – It’s National Best Friends Day! How do you stay connected with your friends?
June 9 – Share your tips for taking your workout outdoors!
June 10 – Tell a story using 5 of your Instagram posts.
June 11 – Host a guest blogger in your niche.
June 12 – How do you find blog inspiration? Share your top tips.
June 13 – List 5 ways to relax after a long day!
June 14 – Create a Father’s Day Gift Guide.
June 15 – Share 10 productivity hacks specific to your niche.
June 16 – Post a DIY popsicle recipe.
June 17 – Use social media to find what’s trending in your niche. Blog about it!
June 18 – It’s Father’s Day! Share how you’re celebrating.
June 19 – Share your fav red & white recipe for Canada Day!
June 20 – Blog about your 3 favourite blogging tools!
June 21 – It’s the first day of Summer! What’s on your summer bucket list?
June 22 – List 10 FREE things to do with your kids in your province.
June 23 – What summer beauty must-haves are in your bag?
June 24 – Hosting a Canada Day party? Post 5 party-planning hacks!
June 25 – Post a YouTube video on your everyday summer make-up routine.
June 26 – How do you organize your kitchen? Write a blog and include photos!
June 27 – Review a new product that would be popular in your niche.
June 28 – I AM CANADIAN! Tell us why you’re proud to be Canadian for its 150th birthday!
June 29 – Share a round-up of your favourite blog posts this month. Yours and others!
June 30 – It’s Social Media Day! How has social media impacted your life?

30 blog post ideas for June


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