Setting Your Sponsored Blog Post Rate

Blogging is fun. Getting paid to blog…even more fun! It’s natural that when you start building a following on your blog and social media platforms, brands will start to take notice. More and more companies are investing in influencer marketing, which means businesses are scouring the world wide web for influencers in their niche for potential partnerships.

Isn’t that exciting? Not only are you searching for brands to partner with, but brands are looking for you too!

As you grow your blog engagement and following, it’s important to be ready with your rate when those sponsored blog/social posts come knocking. We’ll get into some formulas shortly, but obviously agreeing to create sponsored content for a brand, isn’t always about the money. Always make sure that a brand aligns with your values, before signing any sort of sponsored content agreement with them. Your readers will thank you for it.

So, when deciding how much you should charge for creating sponsored content, a very basic formula to start off with is the following: Charge $25 for every 1,000 page views per month. Therefore, if you had 10,000 page views per month, you’d charge $250. This provides a great starting off point, but it certainly doesn’t take into account all of other factors that come into play.

For example, what about new bloggers receiving less than 1,000 page views per month? You still may receive a sponsored blog post opportunity, but is charging only $25 fair to you? Not at all! If it takes you 4 hours to review a product for example and write a blog post, you’re charging only $6.25 an hour. Lower than minimum wage.

Our suggestion to you is to not go lower than $100 for a sponsored blog post. Then adjust your rate based on these 3 considerations from Secret Blogger Business.

Time & effort

How much time will be put into creating this specific piece of content? Will it require reviewing a product, buying props, creating a video and editing, special photography skills? Take this into consideration when deciding on your hourly rate.

Value you provide

What is the value that you provide to the brand? How many subscribers and social media followers will the content potentially reach? Also, consider your niche. Is your niche a very targeted market? If you’ve been able to build a following in a very unique market, brands must be willing to pay more for access to this market. Something else to think about, is what is the value the brand provides to you? For example, if they have a huge social media following and have agreed to share your content on their social media platforms, this could lead to a huge increase in followers and subscribers. In this case, you may consider lowering your price.

Market rates

What is the average price that market is willing to pay? Google “sponsored blog post rates” + [your niche] to see what research there has been done, or what other bloggers have shared about what brands are paying them for sponsored content. You can also do this in person, by reaching out to blogger friends!

The important thing to understand is that bloggers continue to be high demand in the marketing space. Brands are looking to connect with their prospective customers in new and more authentic ways, and bloggers are providing the channel to do that. As you embark on the journey of monetizing your blog, it’s important that you provide a very impactful and very real value for brands, and you should be compensated for that accordingly!

What factors do you take into consideration when proving a sponsored blog post rate for brands? Tell us in the comments below!

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