4 Tips To Write An Awesome “About Me” Page {FREE WORKSHEET}

The  “About Me” page is probably one of the most important and clicked on pages of your blog. It’s where anyone new coming to your site will start off. They want to know the fabulous person behind all of the amazing content you are sharing. So, because of this, you need to make sure your About Me page is engaging, easy to read, and represents your personal brand. Whether you are a new blogger or a seasoned pro, you need to make sure this information showcases exactly who you are and what your blog is about.

Here are a few simple tips to make sure your About Me page has the life it needs.

4 Tips To Write An Awesome “About Me” Page

Who Is Your Audience

When readers reach this page, they want to know what they will find on your blog and why they should keep reading.  Plain and simple. Think about who your target audience is and what they will learn from your content. Who do you want to read your blog? Ask yourself what kind of information am I going to provide to my readers. Are you going to cater to new moms, entrepreneurs, kids activities, home decor or traveling? If you are going to blog about travel, specifically traveling with kids, people need to know this right away.

Show The Reader What Makes Your Blog Special

Someone that’s coming to your blog now knows what you blog about, but what makes it special and unique? Why would people want to keep coming back? This is what you should ask yourself. Sure you blog about travel, but what makes that unlike other travel blogs out there? Maybe you only blog about traveling to places within Ontario. This is what would make your content different from others. Make this known in your blurb.

Show Them Where To Go

If someone is brand new to your blog, they need to know where to go next. Include links to some of your top blog posts, or a challenge you do that is popular! Showcase what you offer all from one spot.

Bonus tip: Link to one of your highest converting blog posts. For example, if your post that offers a free checklist, is the post that gets you the most email subscribers, it would be wise to link to it here. This increases the chance your new reader will subscribe to you!

Who Is Behind The Blog

Now, you can get a bit more personal. Tell them something about yourself, something they may not know, or some random fun facts. It’s also important to talk about why you started your blog and your hopes and dreams for it. Include a couple of pictures to show the person behind the blog. Finally, make sure to tell everyone how they can stay up to date with you by linking your social media channels and a newsletter signup.

Now, grab our awesome About Me Worksheet, and start writing all about you and your amazing blog!

About Me Page

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