31 Blog Post Ideas for May

The April showers are gone (for the most part), and the May flowers are getting ready to bloom. Which means this beautiful country we call home, is about to get even more beautiful.

May is always the time of year that really signifies that summer is close by. May usually brings a sprout of unseasonably warm weather, where BBQs are uncovered, patio sets are pulled out from storage, and winter coats are put into storage.

So to help with your busy content calendar this month, here are…

31 Blog Post Ideas for May!

May 1 – May is National BBQ Month! Post a BBQ recipe and tutorial.
May 2 – Use social media to find what’s trending in your niche. Blog about it!
May 3 – Survey your readers on the type of blog content they like best. Plan to write more of it!
May 4 – What does a week in your life look like? Include photos!
May 5 – Happy Cinco de Mayo! Share a Mexican-themed recipe.
May 6 – Create a Mother’s Day Buyers Guide for your readers.
May 7 – How do you organize your closet? Write a blog and include photos!
May 8 – Join a Twitter Chat in your niche and write a blog wrap-up of your tweets.
May 9 – Host a Mother’s Day-themed giveaway for your readers.
May 10 – Share 10 vacation planning tips for families.
May 11 – Review a new product that would be popular in your niche.
May 12 – It’s Canada Health Day! Blog about the ways you stay healthy.
May 13 – Income reports are super popular among bloggers. If you’re comfortable with it, try it out!
May 14 – Happy Mother’s Day. Share a blog or Instagram post dedicated to your Mom!
May 15 – What keeps you motivated? Post a list for #MotivationMonday.
May 16 – What spring/summer outfits are in your closet?
May 17 – Share 5 ways to celebrate Victoria Day long weekend with family.
May 18 – Canada is gearing up for it’s 150th Birthday! Give 10 reasons why you love Canada.
May 19 – April showers bring may flowers. Share gardening tips with your readers!
May 20 – What did you Pin this month? Post a round-up of 10 Pinterest pins.
May 21 – Tell us a story using your latest Instagram posts.
May 22 – How do you add colour to your home for spring/summer? Show us on your blog!
May 23 – May is National Photograph Month. Create a blog post using photos from your week!
May 24 – Post a step-by-step tutorial of a spring craft.
May 25 – What beauty products do you never leave home without?
May 26 – Create a YouTube video based on one of your most popular blog post topics!
May 27 – Host a guest blogger in your niche.
May 28 – Where are 5 places you’d love to travel this summer?
May 29 – What’s on your summer reading list?
May 30 – Gardening is trending on Pinterest. What gardening hacks make your life easier?
May 31 – Share a round-up of your favourite blog posts this month. Yours and others!

Do you have any other blog post ideas for May? Share them in the comments below!

Blog Post Ideas for May

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