Blogger of the Month: Q & A with The Book of Molly

We’re so happy to introduce to you April’s featured Blogger of the Month, Molly Gibson Kirby.
Molly’s blog, the Book of Molly, is all about self-love, positivity and living a healthy lifestyle.

Read her blogging story to learn how Molly has found blogging success and what her
advice is for Canadian bloggers.

Canadian blogger of the month

Q: Tell us about you and your blog!

My name is Molly Gibson Kirby and I am the founder of I created my blog just over two years ago after I finished a writing competition. I took part in a challenge where a writer has to write 50,000 words within one month. I decided to write about my life and I called it The Book of Molly.

After I finished writing the book, I was itching to share snippets of it with people so I created as a platform to share chapters. It’s snowballed and now has become a life, style, motivational and fitness blog. Before The Book of Molly, I had several other smaller blogs, so I’ve technically been blogging for nearly a decade.

Personally, I am a 24-year-old who is always searching for the best waterfalls and the brightest magic in this world. I live in Kelowna, British Columbia, but grew up in a small town in Nova Scotia called Liverpool. I’ve had the chance to live in Ontario and Manitoba, too.

During the day I am a writer and content marketer with a web design and marketing company in Kelowna and I live with my cat Obi. I am a writer, a mindfulness junkie, a fitness addict, a caffeine drinker, a self-love advocate and a friend. My life is full of positivity, love, and laughter.

Q: You write a lot of motivational content on living a healthy lifestyle. Why did you choose this niche?

It’s funny because I never really decided on this niche… it just happened! I used to be a very anxious and depressed teenager who thought the world was out to get me. In the past year, I have completely changed my thought process about life and living.

Through living a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating healthy (for the most part), exercising regularly and loving myself, I’ve been able to overcome my depression and my anxiety. I now live a healthy and happy life all because I put myself and my health first.

Since I was able to overcome my bad experiences in life, I wanted to write about it because I figured maybe some of my readers could connect with my struggles. Then I thought if I could open up about my life and help one person overcome their struggles, it would be 100% worth it.

Q: What is your favourite part about blogging?

My favourite thing about blogging is getting to share my experiences and thoughts with other people. I used to be a news reporter for a couple of years, but it got too depressing reading and writing the news, so I quit. Now I try to write positive things to help change someone’s day for the better.

Getting feedback that one of my posts has helped a reader or a friend out is the best feeling in the world!

Q: What is your biggest challenge as a blogger?

The biggest challenge is to stay motivated when you’re comparing your blog to another. Comparison is a normal thing that everyone does and envy is a feeling that a lot of people have and that’s okay. I’m normal and when I look at another blog I look up to, it’s hard not to think “why can’t I just be as good as them?”.

When I think those thoughts I have to remind myself that everyone has to start somewhere and I’ve come very far from when I began two years ago.

Q: So how do you stay inspired to create content for your readers each week?

I write when I’m motivated and inspired and when I’m not… I don’t write! I want my content to be the best it can possibly be. If I’m not in the mood, or I feel like I have writer’s block, I will leave the word document alone and walk away from it until I’m inspired again.

Reading other blogs and watching motivational youtube videos really inspires me. Just recently when I was taking a solo hike I came up with a great idea for a blog post.

Also, I’ve discovered that I’m in a constant state of inspiration when I surround myself with inspiring people. So… find inspiring people, pick their brains, have meaningful conversations with them and inspiration will blossom!

Q: What are some of the ways you’ve grown your audience?

I’m still honestly trying to figure out how to grow my audience. Currently, I’m creating motivational content that I know I would want to read and hoping readers will find it through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. I’m not willing to buy readers or followers. Doing it the organic way takes longer, but I think it will be worth it.

Locally, I’ve been putting my name out there that I’m a blogger and interacting with people. I don’t shy away from reaching out to people, meeting for coffee to introduce myself and I always share my content on social media groups.

Q: What kind of experiences/opportunities have you had as a result of your blog?

I’m actually holding an event in Kelowna this May because of my blog, which is pretty cool. It’s called HERoes and it’s a poetry night with female and male speakers, a Q&A panel, a ted talk and all proceeds are going to the local women’s shelter and gospel mission.

If it wasn’t for my blog and becoming open about how strongly I feel about women’s rights, equality and bettering other people’s lives, I would never have had the chance to create this event. So, even though the event and opportunity hasn’t happened yet, it’s going to soon and I can’t wait for night.

Q: Tell us about 3 tools you use to make blogging easier!

There are three tools that I use to make my blogger easier. The first is Grammarly, which is a website/app that fixes and catches grammar mistakes. It’s a lifesaver! The second is iPhoto when I’m uploading images to include in my blog post and the final tool is my brain!

I need to stay creative and having interesting and empowering blog posts makes wanting to write way easier.

Q: Who are some of your favourite Canadian bloggers?

I follow a lot of British bloggers, but my favourite all-time Canadian blogger is Katie from I’ve followed this blog since the beginning of it and have watched it grow immensely. I look up to Katie when it comes to blogging and the power of hard work and drive.

Q: What advice would you give fellow Canadian bloggers that has helped you?

I would say write down your ideas as soon as they come to you! I have the best ideas while I’m at the gym or right before bed. It’s whenever my mind is wandering and I’m not actually thinking about blogging. I have several notes on my phone and pages in my notebook full of blog post ideas.

Q: Share your favourite post right now on your blog!

This is SO hard! It would have to be a toss up between 15 of my favourite things because each one of those items brings me so much joy. I love rereading that post when I’m feeling down because it instantly fills my heart.

The other would be Five days of waking up early & how it changed my life. I love this blog because I really challenged myself to try something new to better my life and create good content. I’ve also become a morning person because of that post.

Thank you, Molly, for taking the time to share with us your blogging story. And thank you for being an inspiration to the Canadian blogging community!

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Canadian blogger of the month

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