How To Theme Your Instagram In 7 Steps

Do you ever stumble upon someone’s Instagram and think to yourself that it’s the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? Do you want to like all of their photos and be real life friends with them right away? If you were to look really closely at the accounts that you are drawn to and the ones that have too many follows to count, you would probably notice that they have a few things in common. One thing being ascetically pleasing to the eye. This can mean many things, but to us, it means the perfect combination of colour, balance and a story that’s being told.

Upping your Instagram game can lead to a lot more followers, likes, comments and people checking out your blog. Putting a little bit of extra thought into each and every post can be the difference between 10 likes and 100 likes, not to mention catching the attention of other readers, bloggers, and brands.

Not every Instagram account is the same, so they shouldn’t be treated as such, but following a general guideline as to what you want to post and how you want it to look is a great way to start.

How To Theme Your Instagram In 7 Steps

Tell A Story in 9

Think of your Instagram as telling a story and the first 9 squares is your book.  These squares that are immediately visible to anyone who is checking out your account for the first time may have an easier time envisioning what you want the world to see and know about you at a click glance. For example, if you are a travel blogger and going to Greece, use those squares to tell the story. The first square could be of you packing, the second square could show you with a coffee waiting for your flight, the third square could show you checking into your hotel and so on. Of course, not every week will be as eventful as some, but if you are genuinely posting your daily happenings, it will be easy for people to figure out your story.


The correct lighting can make or break a photo. Expensive cameras and all of the accessories are great, but I am a firm believer that proper lighting and/or natural lighting is what will set your photo apart from everyone else. If you like shooting in the morning light, then try to take all of your photos at the same time every day to keep the same consistency.

Be Consistent

If you like to use apps and/or filters, always stick with the same ones. If you love the way your photos look with brightness and saturated colours, play with the levels and jot down the numbers so you use the same ones every time. Do not change it up for every photo. This will make your Instagram look incohesive.

Colour Scheme

You may not even realize it but if you look at your posts closely, you may notice that you gravitate towards certain colours. Do you always like to shoot your #OOTD in front of a white wall? Or do you always throw in a pop of yellow in every other post? These are your colours. If you are unsure what colour scheme you would like to use, sit down and brainstorm your brand and your favourite things and something will eventually click.

White Space

I love colour as much as the next person, but pops of white space throughout your Instagram is something to keep in mind. It doesn’t even have to be the colour white but a very simple background with not a lot going on can really balance out your feed.

Think About The Photos You Are Posting

This is so important. I can’t tell you how many times I have posted a photo, received a lot of likes and comments, just to take it down because it didn’t flow with everything else. “What do you mean?” you ask. I like to plan out my week and each day has something specific that I like to post about. One day may be a quote, the next a picture of my kids, then a picture of an area of our home. I don’t like to have similar pictures next to each other. I like to mix it up and post something different every day.

Plan Out Your Posts

If you really want to get organized, you can use an app like “Later” to plan out your Instagram posts for an entire month. It won’t post for you automatically but it will send a notification to your phone that you have a post waiting in the queue to be published. With a program like this, you can upload photos to each day, say something about it AND see what all of the posts will look like in your feed. It’s a great way to eliminate the guesswork as we all know how stressful it can be coming up with content every day.

Planning Hack: Use the “Save Draft” in your Instagram as an option for planning out your feed. I will go ahead and edit my 9 photos for the week and save the drafts.Editing the photos in order of when you want them posted, I would recommend from the first day to last day, will also allow you to see them as your “story of 9” when you click the manage button. They are all ready for me to go when I need them and all I have to do is think of something to say.

What steps do you take to theme your Instagram? Let us know in the comments below.

How To Theme Your Instagram


  1. I need to work on my Instagram aesthetic to match my branding. I remember hearing about tools that help you see how a picture will look in your profile so that you can choose the next picture you want to post (it helps with having a visual) and I need to find the name of that app again!! And I have a hard time figuring out the color scheme because I don’t want to always have to post the same colors (i.e. white and pink) – any advice for that?

    1. The LATER app and PLANOLY allow you to see a mockup of your grid before actually posting! I don’t think there is a right or wrong way with regards to a colour scheme. If you want to use the white and pink then go ahead! Even if you are using them in every 5th photo, please will still be able to sense what you are going for if you are consistent.

  2. Lovely read and I couldn’t agree more with everything. The trick I have been using since the past couple of months is choosing a single colour. First it was orange, green, pink and now blue. All of these of course have plenty of white space as well to make it more pleasing to the eyes 🙂

  3. Hey! Do you have any recommendations on what filters/programs to use that look the best? I am leaning towards a blue/grey/white theme, but it’s very hard! I would like a great filter/look that goes well with beauty products, selfies, outdoor photos. It’s tough when you want to post photos of basically everything!

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