10 Things Highly Effective Bloggers Do

Blogging takes a lot of passion, dedication, and planning, among so many other things. Do you ever look at your favourite blogger and wonder how they do it all? Well, we did and we wanted to know some of the habits of these highly effective bloggers.

We reached out to some wonderful Canadian bloggers, all with their own degree of success, to see what it really takes to be a successful blogger. How do they stay inspired, organized and what habits keep them waking up every day to blog and create valuable content for all of their readers.

We were blown away by all of the awesome advice we received. We hope you are able to take something from each and every blogger and use it to further your own blog and the hopes and dreams you have for it!

10 Things Highly Effective Bloggers Do

Holly and Andrea of The Inspired Home
Do What You Can Manage

“There’s so many things to do as a blogger. So many social media channels to manage, new content to push out, and it can be really overwhelming. Focus on great content and build the rest as you go. You don’t have to have it all; just do what is sustainable for you to manage. This can change over time too! You know you’re successful when you get comments that you’ve helped someone or when you meet people in person and they tell you how they related to your article.”

Mandy from Sparkle Shiny Love
Share Your Point of View

“I started my blog sparkleshinylove because I wanted to share some of my favorite shopping finds, the beauty products I love, and all about the adventures I go on to restaurants, events, and travel destinations.   I think the most important thing is that three years later I’m still trying to do the same! It’s easy to get caught up in trying to make things “look” a certain way – a staged photo of a beautiful mess, and that amazing dinner shot that you just had to share – but I think it’s also important to make sure that you are sharing what you really love!  When I look around to see what other bloggers are doing I appreciate it and show them some love, but I make sure that I keep doing what I love to do, and the rest always falls into place.  It’s important to remember that people read my blog because they want to see and read my point of view, so I try to keep my blog focused on the reason I started it!  All of those beautiful mess shots I shoot and amazing meals are things I am really enjoying, which I think shows in my work on the blog.”

Nelson and Liz from Photos and Food
Blog About What You Love

“Our blog is fairly young and it’s growing steadily. We feel it’s going really well and moving in a positive direction. When Melissa asked us to describe why we think we’ve succeeded with our blog our immediate response was to ask, “what’s your measure of success?” That’s the thing! ‘Success’ is going to be unique to each blogger—as it should be. The reason we can say we’re succeeding with our blog is because we started off by defining what success would look like for us and agree on how much time we would be able to dedicate to the blog without it becoming “work” or it negatively impacting our family life.

For us, success means: we post two recipes per week; we’re consistently growing our blog (content, views, subscriptions, partnerships and earnings); we’re challenging ourselves and constantly learning and evolving; and we’re having fun (even when things get crazy). We could certainly grow our blog and revenue more quickly if we posted recipes daily, but we have ‘day jobs’ (which we enjoy and want to keep), and we don’t want to upset our work-life balance. This is our measure of success.

Success for us looks like this: Nelson is in his happy place enhancing his skills in the kitchen and working with new products from our amazing partners as he creates new and tasty dishes that our family will enjoy, as well as re-creating traditional meals from his youth, growing up in the Azores. I’m in my happy place when I’m composing food, tweaking things, changing angles, and pushing myself to get ‘the’ shot. Additionally, we both enjoy writing and sharing our day-to-day experiences and Portuguese traditions, with our readers and then hearing back from them.

Growing a blog is a lot of work (more than many people realize), but as long as our blog continues to be enjoyable and bring out the best in us, then it will continue to be our passion project and truly be worth it.”

Maureen from Red Cottage Chronicles
Invest In Yourself

“When I started blogging in 2012 my goal was only to share my (new-found) passion for baking with my family and friends.  It wasn’t until late 2015 that I decided to switch gears and branch out to more reflect my blog name and chronicle all kinds of projects going on at our little cottage home.  I signed up for my first on-line blogging course which was instrumental in my success, as it provided me with the confidence to stay true to my own voice.  That in turn helped me to stop comparing myself to other bloggers, and relax my approach to writing.  My readership and engagement began to climb, and a few short months after I finished that program I landed my first sponsored post!”

Kait from Teacups and Things
Be Accountable

“Hold yourself accountable, but remember to have fun and not take yourself too seriously. Finding that balance is important. I also use an app called Asana to help stay on top of the deadlines I set for myself.”

Jeanine from Six Time Mommy
Keep Your Readers In Mind

“As a younger mom to a large family with 7 kids, I am determined to share my passions, tips, and experiences with others. I’ve worked hard to stay true to who I am and also what I represent as a young mother and wife, all while keeping other young mothers in mind. I’ve been blogging on and off since I was 12 years old but only in 2013 did I decide it was time to get serious about blogging and made it my living. I am very determined and dedicated to every article I produce – I feel my work reflects that and has really made Six Time Mommy into the success it is today.”

Kim from Tales of a Ranting Ginger
Connect With People In Your Field

“What has helped me is 1. Communication. Always asking questions, reaching out to those I want to work with and talking to other bloggers and my readers to find out as much of what works and what does not. I would also like to think (2) that attending conferences has helped me. It is an opportunity to connect with others in my field, engage with those clients I have worked with and learn. When working from home it is all too easy to isolate ourselves and try to do it all on our own. We do not have that community or network some who work in an office have. So attending events and conferences helps bridge that gap.”

Samantha Jane Beauty and Lifestyle YouTuber
Be Consistent

“For me, the most effective habit was and still is, consistency. I know everyone says it but truly, when I set a manageable weekly upload schedule for myself everything just clicked. I knew what I had to accomplish, and my viewers knew when to find me. It took a lot of pressure off me and I could plan more effectively. This way you don’t end up with 4 posts in one week and no posts the next. Don’t set yourself up for disaster and plan to do more than you can, start small and build from there! “

Stephanie White Style
Build The Brand You Envision

“Like the majority of bloggers, I didn’t become a successful blogger overnight, my hobby of blogging grew over time to become my full-time business. I would attribute my success to unwavering dedication, confidence, and passion in my ability to build the brand I envisioned. For me this meant working longer hours than the typical 9-5 job, having the courage to pitch large brands to collaborate even if they might decline, and being driven to work towards my success not matter how long it might take.”

Melissa from My Turquoise Home
Experiment To Find What Organization Method Works For You

“The one thing that I have learned after years of blogging is that it’s in your best interest to have some type of organization strategy in place. You may need to try different techniques in order to productively get blog posts and projects out to your audience, but one process will work for you better than others. It has taken me years to figure out the appropriate schedule and time management techniques for myself, and now that I finally have, my daily routines and workflow are much less stressful and go so much smoother.”

We hope some of these insights have been helpful for you. Please let us know any of your tips in the comments below.

Habits of Effective Bloggers


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