10 Pinterest Tips To Help Grow Your Blog Traffic

Pinterest is quickly becoming the search engine of choice for anyone looking for recipes, party ideas, home decor…just about anything.  It’s an inspirational and informative platform with more than 150 million active users and 75 billion pins! As a blogger, you need to get in on the action and use Pinterest correctly to send a lot of traffic and potential new followers to your website.

It’s easier said than done I know, but with any platform, it can take some time. Implementing some of these tricks into your daily routine can help you take advantage of the magic that is Pinterest.


PIN It Button

This is probably the easiest way to get your awesome content on Pinterest. Make sure you have a PIN IT button installed on your blog. You would be surprised at how many times we see an amazing article that we want to pin and there is no button. There are many options available on WordPress. We like the jQuery plugin.

An Awesome Profile

Like anything, you need to sell yourself. You need to have a profile picture that showcases you and your brand and a blurb that tells people what you do, how you can help them, who you are catering to and a call to action. If someone sees a post of yours and they want to learn more about you, they need to see this information right away when they click your profile.

A Business Account

Change your Pinterest account to a business one. Pinterest will need to verify you, however, the steps are pretty easy. Having a business account has many benefits including analytics that will give you insight as to what posts are doing well and what your readers are looking for. This can help you determine what you should be writing about.

A Board Dedicated To Your Own Posts

The first thing you should have on your own Pinterest profile is a board dedicated to your blog posts. Call it your blog name or “Best of.” That way, when someone finds you, all of your fabulous content is right there in front of them, all in one place.

Organize Your Boards

This is another simple way to set up your Pinterest that will get more eyes on your blog. Organize your boards properly. Have your specific blog post board at the beginning and then go from there. If it’s summer, rearrange your boards so everything summer related is at the very beginning. People don’t want to see Christmas related images in the heat of summer. They want to see all things summer related. Also, create boards and titles that cater to the specific audience you are speaking too.

Bonus tip: Repin your old blog posts. We all know how awful our images can be when we first start blogging. Take this time to go through old posts that may be relevant for the upcoming season, redo the image and repin to Pinterest!

Treat Pinterest As A Search Engine

When you are naming your boards, creating graphics and using descriptions, think of how people will be searching for the information. Pinterest is considered a search engine and just like Google you want to be using SEO and keywords to make it easier for people to find you and the content you have worked so hard to put together.

Be Active

Pin and Repin Daily. This is an important one. You can’t just sit back and relax, hoping your numbers will get bigger because you created an awesome profile. Like any form of social media, you have to put in some work. Pinterest knows who their active accounts are and because of this, those profiles and pins get rewarded and featured through Pinterest emails or at the top of the feed. The more you pin directly from websites and repin items on Pinterest, the better it will be for you. Set a reminder on your phone and sit down for 30 minutes and pin 30-50 items a day. If you don’t have the time or energy, check out services like Tailwind and Boardbooster that will do all of the pinning for you.

Bonus tip: Pinning after 8 pm during the weekdays and at any time during the weekend will help get your content in front of more people as these are the most popular times that people are active on Pinterest.

Super Bonus tip: When you pin an image from your own blog, click the “See It Now” button that comes up and from there keep saving and pinning to all of your different boards. This will allow your repin numbers to go up, getting them in front of your audience quicker.

Awesome Images

Obviously, you know that Pinterest is very visual and because of this, your pinnable images need to be on point! Choose a vertical layout, a nice graphic that’s not too busy, with a beautiful overlay or text at the top. We all know that those gorgeous images get pinned way more than a random horizontal one. Doing this for every post will also create consistency with your brand.

Bonus tip: Remember to ALT Tag all of your images. Use keywords to help people find your content.

Join Group Boards

There are group boards all over Pinterest and it is one of the greatest ways to get your content out there to new people.  Search for your niche and get in contact with the owner of the particular board you are interested in. A lot of the time, the owners are happy to have new people join. Just reach out and follow the board rules, then start pinning to that board and watch your traffic grow.

Smart Search Feature

Did you know that the search bar in Pinterest is considered a “Smart Search” bar? Here is how it works. Say you are putting together a travel post but not quite sure what you want to talk about. Go to Pinterest and put “travel” in the search bar. You will then see a whole bunch of items populate within the search bar. These are the things that people are currently searching for so tweak your post to resemble what’s popular at the moment.

We hope you found this post helpful! Comment below with any Pinterest related tips or tricks that we may have missed.

Pinterest Blogging Tips


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