30 Blog Post Ideas for April

How is March over already? How is April almost here? And WHY is there still snow on the ground? (In Ottawa anyway!) Despite the fact that it doesn’t quite feel like Spring, the season truly has begun, which means there is blog inspiration around every corner! To help inspire you even more, here is our list of 30 blog post ideas for April!

30 Blog Post Ideas for April

  1. April Fool’s Day! Enough said, right?
  2. April 2nd is Children’s Book Day! Tell us about your favourite books for kids.
  3. Share a step-by-step tutorial for an Easter craft.
  4. Create an Instagram City Guide for your town/city or a recent spot you traveled.
  5. What spring outfit trends are you loving? Take outfit photos for your blog.
  6. Hold a spring-themed giveaway for your readers.
  7. Use social media to find what’s trending in your niche. Blog about it!
  8. Share an Instagram round-up of your favourite OOTDs.
  9. Host a guest blogger in your niche.
  10. What does your Easter Gift Basket look like? (This is trending on Pinterest!)
  11. What spring décor did you pick up this month? Share a haul on your blog.
  12. Easter = chocolate! Share an Easter-themed dessert recipe.
  13. What does your spring fitness routine look like?
  14. April is Stress Awareness Month. Share 5 ways you relieve stress!
  15. How do you organize your office space? Write a blog & include photos.
  16. Share room-by-room spring cleaning tips. Bonus points for before & after pictures!
  17. April 17-21 is National Volunteer Week. Share a volunteering story with your readers.
  18. Review a spring-themed recipe on Pinterest and share a tutorial.
  19. Write about your favourite cleaning/organizing hacks.
  20. Give 5 tips for decompressing on the weekend.
  21. What did you Pin this month? Post a round-up of 10 Pinterest pins.
  22. April 22nd is Earth Day. How do you go green at home or at work?
  23. Mother’s Day is next month! Share a Mother’s Day craft with your children.
  24. Tell a story using 5 of your Instagram posts.
  25. Hosting an event this month? What are your party planning tips?
  26. Vegan recipes are trending on Pinterest. Share one on your blog!
  27. What books are on your spring reading list?
  28. Put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide for your readers.
  29. What spring activities are a must-do in your hometown or major city?
  30. Share a round-up of your favourite blog posts this month. Yours and others!

What are you going to write about this month? Tell us in the comments below.

30 Blog Post Ideas For April

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