In the age of technology, helpful apps, websites and electronics are always being unveiled in the hopes of making our lives easier and flooding us with new information we didn’t even know we needed. Every once in a while we discover something so amazing, so smart and so “how come we didn’t think of that?” that we have to tell the world about its greatness!

How To Build Blog Engagement Using Instagram

Instagram is easily one of our favourite social media platforms. It has everything going for it except….there is only one spot for a clickable link. For bloggers, this means that each time we upload a new blog post, we have to log in and update our URL in our bio to point to that post. What a pain! This also means we can only promote one thing at a time. We make it work but wouldn’t it be amazing if you could really showcase yourself and all of the awesome content you work so hard in creating? Well, we have some big news. Now you can with Linktree! When we discovered this amazing service we wanted to yell from rooftops, “FINALLY!!!”

With Linktree, never change your bio link again! You read that correctly. It’s a free tool, you also read that correctly, that will allow you to add one link to your Instagram bio which will then take you to multiple destinations. Do you have a YouTube channel? Do you want to promote a product? Add more people to your subscriber list? Or simply link to all of your other social media accounts? Now you can, all with one link!

All you have to do is create an account at, enter the URLs and drag and drop the links to reorder how you would like the public to see them. You can change them up and edit as much as you like and you are also able to see how many times a link is clicked. It is a simple setup that will no doubt impact the information you will now be able to put out on Instagram!

How To Build Blog Engagement Using Instagram

How To Build Blog Engagement Using Instagram

Do you currently use Linktree or some other amazing program we may not know about? Let us know in the comments below.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. We love this service so much and had to share it with our readers!

how to build blog engagement using instagram