Blogger of the Month: A Q&A with Canadian Food Blogger Tisha Riman

Canadian food blogger

When we first discovered Tisha’s blog, The Nourished Mind, we didn’t know what to love more. The bright and clean blog design, the recipes with a unique twist on seasonal favourites (hello cozy blueberry baked oatmeal!), or her incredible food styling chops. A quick scroll through her blog or social media feeds will have you feeling both hungry and inspired to try your hand at “eating for a better brain,” as Tisha calls it.

Starting today, each month Bloggers of Canada will be bringing you a Q&A with an amazing Canadian blogger creating inspiring and helpful content for their readers. You’ll learn directly from them how they’ve found blogging success!

As March is National Nutrition Month, we knew Canadian Food Blogger, Tisha, had to be our first ever Blogger of the Month. Keep reading to learn how Tisha found her blogging niche, what tools she uses for productivity, and what advice she has for other Canadian bloggers!

Canadian food bloggerQ: Tell us about yourself and your blog!

A: Hello, hello! I’m Tisha, and I am a Holistic Nutritionist, culinary graduate, (rom-com enthusiast) and blogger behind The Nourished Mind. The Nourished Mind is my wellness space to share seasonal whole food recipes, and embrace the art of mindful living—all while sneaking in ways to talk about my pets.

Q: How long have you been blogging?

A: Well, I’ve had The Nourished Mind for almost 3 years, but on the whole I’ve been blogging for the last twelve years. Since I just turned twenty-five, I’m sure you can imagine how terrible the first blogs were. I’ve tried every platform from Piczo to Tumblr to Blogger to (now) WordPress. The early days were pretty messy, and read like a reel of embarrassing diary entries (I’m talking crushes, school trips and what I ate for dinner). So yeah, the love for blogging is pretty real.

Q: You write a lot about healthy living and share delicious and nutritious recipes. Why did you choose this niche? 

A: Is it super cheesy to say it chose me? Because it did. I was actually an English major in university, and yet, the only thing I could ever focus on was food. How did it affect me? Where did it come from? What did a healthy diet look like? I was so hungry to learn more, and as I did, I was even hungrier to tell other people. But since my mom has more interesting things to do then listen to me prattle on about the importance of dietary fat, a blog seemed like the best outlet.

Q: What is your absolute favourite part about blogging?

A: I love that I can be creative and tie in all my passions (writing, nutrition and cooking) to make something that might inspire or educate someone else, or even just brighten their day.

Q: What is your biggest challenge as a blogger?

A: I think nailing your niche is tricky, and it’s something I still struggle with. That, and thinking you need to have everything figured out at the beginning: the email list, the Facebook group, the social media following, the opt-ins, high quality photos. I think blogging is a natural progression, and I know of very few people who didn’t put years of work into it in order to make magic.

Q: Can you tell us about 3 tools you use to make blogging easier?

  1. Canva: As a food blogger, having Pinterest worthy pictures is really important, and Canva is super user friendly, so you can add text and stitch together multiple images for shareable content.
  2. Genesis Child Theme: I recently changed my theme to Cook’d Pro by Genesis, and it makes my blog look so much more streamlined and put together.
  3. An agenda! Okay, it sounds boring, but scheduling the Blog Stuff helps to get sh*t done. I like to write in my planner the days I’m going to grocery shop, recipe test, shoot my recipes, edit my pictures, write my content, post my content and schedule my social media—because if I don’t, it just doesn’t get done.

Q: What is your biggest source of traffic?

A: I get most of my traffic from Facebook, through my Facebook page, Foodgawker and guest posting for other bloggers.

Q: What are your favourite social media platforms?

A: Facebook and Instagram have been the most useful for me. I also love Pinterest. But for me, Facebook wins out by a landslide: it’s easy to share, I get the most traffic, and it takes like 2 seconds to share.

Q: Tell us about some of your favourite Canadian bloggers!

A: My New Roots, for sure. Sarah’s photography is gorgeous while still remaining relaxed and unfussy, and there’s never a recipe that I don’t want to make. The First Mess is like a virtual cozy blanket, and Laura has the most unique ideas (like this Ginger Majik Toddy). And Nutritionist in the Kitch is another awesome blog for anyone looking to step up their healthy cooking game.

Q: Where else do you look for blog inspiration?

A: I love Pinterest (who doesn’t?) and I love food blogs that may have nothing to do with health and wellness to help me better improve my own photography skills. (Blogs like The Bojon Gourmet, Gather + Feast, Kraupt-Kopf, Local Milk and Manger are all stellar examples.)

Q: What advice would you give fellow Canadian bloggers that has helped you? 

A: I would say to batch your days—that’s been a real game changer. I don’t know why, but for the longest time, I would just wake up and think, okay I have to post. And I’d be unprepared and stressed, and I didn’t really have a plan. I actually got super burnt out, and went from blogging three times a week to maybe once a month. Batching changed all of that: I started scheduling my days, so that instead of cooking, filming, editing and posting on one day (Oh god, the anxiety), I would have different days scheduled for different tasks, and so I could do more of that task. I could instead shoot three or four recipes and have content all ready for the month—without the stress and creative burnout.

Q: Share your favourite post right now on your blog!

A: This one! Blood Orange Vanilla Chia Pudding

A big thank you again to Tisha for taking the time to share with us her blogging story. Make sure to visit Tisha’s blog and check her out on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

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Canadian Food Blogger - The Nourished Mind


  1. I can totally relate – I feel like I should have everything figured out from the get-go, from my editorial schedule to all my social media and when to post on each of them and my media kit etc. But then I stop and remind myself to first breathe, and secondly, that some details will come with time and that I should focus on the most important : my content – working on topics that I’m passionate and excited about because that will hopefully be felt by my readers!

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