18 Ways to Promote Your Blog Post in 1 Hour

Picture this. You’re a food blogger, and you’re in the midst of baking the most delicious gluten free chocolate chip cookies that are just the right amount of soft and chewy.  You take photos throughout each step of the process and use every cute baking dish in your cupboard. Then you proceed to clean all those dishes, before you sit down to write out a blog post. This blog post not only includes the recipe for these delicious treats, but photos to show your readers exactly how you made it, with some added commentary along the way.

You hit PUBLISH and wait for it to go viral. Except it doesn’t.  You think “How is everyone and their mother not talking about this recipe?! It’s just the right amount of soft and chewy!” Four hours of your time and effort  put into this recipe and blog post, and no one is viewing it.

What a bummer right? We’ve all been there. I am not a food blogger, but I still put a lot of time and effort into creating content for my blog. Whether it’s researching, writing, editing or re-writing. And after 3 years in the blogging game….here’s what I now know: blog PROMOTION is even more important than creation. Once I started putting in more time promoting my content,  that’s when I saw real traffic on my blog.

Now, I’m not suggesting you spend 4 hours promoting every blog post, but there are a number of things you can do in just 1 hour, to ensure your blog post gets the eyeballs it deserves! Plus, if you put in just 1 hour of blog promotion in the ways listed below, your post has a better chance of being viewed and shared for weeks after.

So, here are 18 ways to promote your blog post in 1 hour!

1. Send it to your subscribers

This may seem like an obvious one, but there are still many bloggers who haven’t taken advantage of email subscription functionality. You don’t need a fancy shmancy email marketing software for this either. At Bloggers of Canada, we use MailerLite which is completely free if you have less than 1000 subscribers, with all the add-ons already included! You can create subscribe forms and landing pages to collect email addresses, and automatically set up email campaigns to go out to your subscribers whenever a new blog post is published!

2. Share on Twitter

Another obvious one, but still important! Attach a Twitter-optimized image to your post and share it with your Twitter followers. Include the title on the image if possible, so people know what they’re getting if they click on your tweet.

Bonus tip: Like or follow 10 other Twitter accounts in your niche after you post it. If they click on your profile, they’ll see your latest blog post at the very top!

3. Share with relevant hashtags

Share the post again using relevant hashtags for your niche. Use a tool like Hashtagify to search for the top trending hashtags for a specific keyword. Make sure to only use 3 hashtags maximum in a tweet, so your message is still the focus!

4. Post on your Facebook Business Page

If you don’t already have a Facebook Business Page for your brand, definitely set one up. Then, post any new blog posts to your page to share with your followers.

5. Post on your Personal Facebook Page

Make sure to share on your personal Facebook page too! Your friends and family are even more likely to engage with your content by clicking, commenting, liking or sharing. And don’t be afraid to ask them to re-share your blog post either!

6. Post in relevant Facebook Groups

Search for Facebook Groups relevant to your niche, and join them! Whenever you post a new blog, share it in those groups and bring your content to a wider audience. But, make sure you pay attention to the guidelines set for each group, as you may need to post on a specific thread or on a specific day.

Bonus tip: If you’re a Canadian blogger, join the Bloggers of Canada Facebook Group where we have weekly threads that you can share your blog content on!

7. Boost Post on Facebook Business Page

If you have a Facebook Business Page for your blog, you may notice that whenever you share a new blog post, only a small percentage of your followers will actually see that blog. This is because Facebook’s algorithm makes it harder to get real “organic” views. Sometimes you need to pay to play, and if you have a really great post you’d like to get in front of more people, spend $5 on Facebook’s “Boost Post” functionality. This translates into extra clicks and potential shares!

8. Post in relevant LinkedIn Groups

Join LinkedIn Groups relevant to your niche and share your content in them.

Bonus Tip: Comment and engage on other people’s content to increase the likelihood they engage with yours!

9. Share on your Pinterest Boards

Create a vertical image at 735 px wide with the blog title, and share it on relevant Pinterest Boards that you’ve created. Make sure to include an SEO-friendly description of it as well.

10. Share on Pinterest Group Boards related to your niche

Join Pinterest Group Boards related to your niche, so you can share your blog post on these boards too! Pinterest Group Board directories like PinGroupie and The Pin Junkie provide a searchable list of boards based on topic. Each Group Board has different instructions for getting access so you can pin your own content, so make sure you check the description of each. For most boards, it’s as simple as sending an email to the Group Board owner, with your Pinterest URL so they can add you.

11. Post to your Instagram and include your blog link in your bio

Post an Instagram-optimized image with the title of your blog, and share it on Instagram. Update your “website url” in your profile and let people know they can find the link to your new blog post in your bio.

Bonus tip: “Like” photos from 10 bloggers in your niche right after you post. If they click back on your profile, your latest blog will be the first thing they see!

12. Use a social media scheduling tool to promote your posts more than once

Using a social media scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Buffer will make sharing out your blog posts much easier and more effective. Instead of sharing your blog post once on Twitter or Facebook, schedule a post to go out 2 times a week for the next month that links back to the blog post.

Bonus Tip: Don’t schedule the same message more than a couple of times. Take out key messages, facts or stats from your blog and use that text to promote and link back to your blog post!

13. Tag influencers you mention in your social media posts

If you mention influencers in your post, tag them in your Tweets or other social media posts. They may retweet/share with their thousands of followers!

Bonus Tip: Schedule multiple messages that tag each of the influencers separately. This will increase the likelihood that they re-share with their social media followers, as the focus will solely be on them!

15. Create shareable social media images

Take out key messages, quotes or stats from your blog posts and create social media optimized images. Attach these images to your scheduled promotional posts! Check out this 2017 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet for exact specifications.

16. Join a Twitter Chat relevant to your niche

Take part in a Twitter Chat relevant to your niche, or the topic of your recent blog post, so you can share out your recent content using the chat hashtag. Tweet Reports has a HUGE directory of Twitter Chats where you can search by topic and schedule.

17. Post your blog post on Reddit

Did you know Reddit has 85 million unique monthly visitors? Reddit is a user-generated tool that allows people to “up vote” content they enjoy. The audience is also predominately male (67%), so it is a great platform for male bloggers or those creating content for men. Search for “subreddits” related to your niche, and share your blog posts.

Bonus tip: Make sure to provide a bit of commentary on your post, like why the group would find it interesting. If you simply paste a link, you’ll be seen as a “spammer”.

18. Submit your blog post to Stumble Upon

StumbleUpon is another user-generated platform where you can submit your blog post to specific categories. This is the type of platform where you can see traffic on a specific blog post for months to come, as the content is always being circulated!

This is a long list, and some of these promotion strategies you may already be using. But, we can always improve. My suggestion to you is, try out these strategies and make a list of ones where you see the most success. Then, every time you post a new blog, go down your list and complete each activity to drive maximum awareness!

Are they any other strategies you use for blog promotion? Tell us in the comments below!

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