5 Things Every Blogger Must Know About Affiliate Marketing

It’s no secret that blogging can be a full-time job. So we at Bloggers of Canada believe you should be compensated for all of your hard work. That’s where affiliate marketing comes in.

Monetizing your blog right out of the gate is something we always recommend and affiliate marketing is the easiest way to start off and get your feet wet. Affiliate Marketing – is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. There are so many affiliate companies out there now, from Commission Junction to Shareasale and probably the most popular and easiest to use Amazon Affiliates. You can get approved right away AND start earning commissions on things you love and use every day. Once you get the hang of it, creating some passive income for yourself isn’t too far away.

5 Things Every Blogger Must Know About Affiliate Marketing

1. Always Disclose Affiliate Links

This is actually the law and it needs to be disclosed at the BEGINNING of your post. Not at the end or in your sidebar, but the beginning. Not doing so can result in a lot of trouble, not to mention your readers may not trust what you have to say when they realize you are going to make money off of something they just purchased off of your site and you did not let them know. Make your disclosure to the point and add on something real. Like the fact that this money goes to help keep your blog running, or it helps support your iced coffee addiction! Readers truly don’t mind seeing this disclosure. In the past it may have seemed a little tacky, but not anymore. You are providing your readers a true service and making it easier for them to get the things they want and need.

2. You Need To Show Yourself Using The Product

This is one of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing. Show your audience the actual product and you using it. It seems so simple, but it would surprise you how many times you read someone’s post, they tell you all the amazing things about a product, and then there are no pictures of the product in use. People like to see what they are buying, whether it’s through social media or a blog post. They want to know that the person they look up to and get advice from indeed uses that very same product that they are thinking of buying. Of course, sometimes having the product on hand is not always possible, so at least use some descriptions or give examples of how you have used it in the past. Try this and we are sure you will see a difference in clicks and purchases.

3. Show Products And Talk About Things That Would Interest Your Readers

If you are makeup blogger and posting affiliate links with some of your favourite kitchen tools, your readers may have a hard time taking it seriously. However, if you are linking to your favourite mascaras, your readers are more likely to click on that link and buy what their favourite blogger is raving about. If you are a mommy blogger, try adding weekly product reviews of your favourite newborn baby items. The more specific, the better. Stick with what you know and that confidence will come out in what you are talking about and recommending.

4. Talk About Products That Will Solve A Problem For Your Readers

This is so important! People, more often then not, usually go to the internet to ask a question. If you are a food blogger and asking yourself, “I wonder what are the most popular gluten free cookbooks?” write that idea down, do some research and then post about it along with the affiliate links. People are searching for these things and if you have a good Google rank, Google may send them straight to your blog! Think about questions you ask yourself, or a problem you are trying to solve and write about it.

5. You Don’t Need A Massive Following To Make Money

You really don’t! All you need is a loyal following who trust what you have to say. The more specific your niche or specific the blog post, the more people will subscribe/follow you, see what you have to say and buy the things that you are loving because they trust you!


5 Things Every Blogger Must Know About Affiliate Marketing


  1. I’m not at the stage of having affiliate links just yet but these are good points to remember.

    I think the point about “solving a problem for your readers” is important for all bloggers – remembering how you are adding value to your readers is important to get readers to come back!


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