15 Books for Life and Blog Inspiration

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Books, books, magical books! Isn’t there something so special about opening up a brand new book? They can help us learn something new, take us away in our dreams, and inspire us in so many ways.

As a blogger, writer, creative entrepreneur, whatever you want to call yourself, reading has the capacity to give us the new and exciting thoughts  we need to write that next viral post or to create that next gorgeous tablescape we want to document and share.

We have rounded up 15 Books for Life and Blog Inspiration that are sure to encourage learning, creativity, and most importantly give you something new, fresh and exciting to write about.

15 Books for Life and Blog Inspiration

15 Books for Life and Blog Inspiration

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Bullet Journal

You have to stay organized somehow when you are a blogger and creator. A bullet journal is a perfect place to do just that. Take notes, jot down to-do lists and sketch all in one spot.

You Are A Badass

Pretty much how the title sounds, this book will give you the extra juice to stop doubting yourself, and know that you are awesome and that you should start taking risks. It’s like a modern-day how-to book with exercises and advice to help you become a “badass!”

Blog Inc.

Oh Joy! is our blogger crush! As one of the first blogs out there before there were bloggers, Joy has made a heck of a career out of it. This book is a crash course in blogging discussing everything from starting out to monetization and blogging for passion.

Creative Basics: 30 Days to Awesome Social Media Artbook

What started out as a 30-day challenge, turned into a book for author Crystal Stine. Now, we can take the challenge at our own pace and learn from her. Find out where to get great online photos, what fonts to pair together, the basics of Canva,  favourite apps and text only graphics among other cool tidbits of information this woman has learned through her years of blogging and marketing.

How To Style Your Brand

A beautiful workbook that takes you through the entire process of styling your brand, figuring out your focus and using colour, fonts and other inspiration to make you and your work stand out.

Blogging For Creatives

This is a wonderful book if you are starting out in the blog world, or if you are looking to learn more. Everything from blog layouts, getting traffic to your blog and basic coding can be found here, all in a pretty little package.

Make It Happen

Lara Casey and her awesome Power Sheets are a favourite. Her book is equally as wonderful where she talks about her struggles, her overwhelm of working and motherhood and how she finally was able to follow her own dreams and start living the life that she wanted and living it on purpose.

Conquer Your Year – The Ultimate Planner To Get More Done

If you follow Natalie MacNeil, you will know that she is no stranger to setting goals and reaching them. In this planner, everything is laid out for you to achieve success. There are monthly themes, task areas, big picture goal setting, an area to manage projects and even a spot for doodling when inspiration strikes. It’s the perfect companion to start mapping out your dreams.

Celebrate Everything

When you get this book you will have had a hard time putting it down. Each page is more stunning then the next and with so many beautiful decorated backdrops and party spaces, it’s easy to let your mind go and start creating!

642 Tiny Things To Write About

Suffering from writer’s block? This book will give you prompts and the inspiration you need to get those fingers typing, or your pen writing again.

Capture Your Style – Transform Your Instagram Style

Aimee Song was an Instagrammer before there was even Instagram. With 4.4 million followers, she knows a thing or two about capturing her audience, styling photos, and taking stunning pictures. Everything she has mastered is all in this book for us to learn.

Big Magic

This book really is pure magic. No pun intended. Elizabeth Gilbert is a beautiful writer and talks about doing what you love to do most, unleashing your creativity, and how to let go of any fears you may have that are holding you back.

Better Than Before

Gretchen Rubin is the author of “The Happiness Project” and this second book of hers does not disappoint. It’s all about changing our habits to succeed in life. It’s about better understanding ourselves so that we can succeed in all aspects of life. Mastering the habits of our every day will only help us move forward with our own hopes and dreams.

52 Lists for Happiness

We are list people here. There is nothing better than writing down things and checking them off. This gem of a book is a weekly journal of inspiration to spark positivity and joy throughout your whole life. The prompts encourage the reader to reflect and invest in themselves which can transform your life and help you to see things in a different light.

52 Lists Project

Continuing on with lists, this is another great weekly journal from Moorea Seal. It is laid out seasonally with prompts that will help you discover joy, passion and unlock creativity you may not have known you had. Jot down notes and use it to reflect on the things you love.

We hope you had as much fun discovering these books, as we did putting it together for you. We hope you have found a new one that you will be a companion to you for your blogging journey.

15 Books for Life and Blogging Inspiration


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