I saw a quote on Instagram that said “I’m building a brand, I’m always busy.” And I instantly thought, “Ain’t that the truth!” For bloggers, the daily checklist of things to do, and create, and promote, is long. We put so much time and effort into creating content that we know people need to read. Then, we press “Publish”, and sit and wait for views the start rolling in.

The trouble is, having great content is only one piece of the puzzle. Promoting your content so it gets in front of the right people, is just as important. Depending on your niche, the right people may be on Instagram, Twitter,  Pinterest, Facebook, or some new social media platform we haven’t even heard of yet. Your audience lives on these sites, and that’s where they need to see your content. On top of this, you can’t just hope that they see it. You need to constantly be building and engaging with your network, so more and more people have the chance to discover your content.

It’s a lot to think about right? So we created this…

Daily Checklist for Bloggers

The purpose of this checklist is to show you all the ways you can more effectively engage after you hit “Publish,” and ensure your content gets the views it deserves! Now, we know this is a huge list. Our intention was to cover all the activities that could benefit you on each platform. Choose the ones that work for you!

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Daily Checklist for Bloggers