7 Chrome Extensions That Will Majorly Improve Your Blog Productivity

Serious bloggers live on the web. Whether you’re researching, engaging on social media, or writing, most of your blog activity is done on the web.

Browser extensions are a very powerful tool that can make a blogger’s life more simple and productive. Here is a list of 7 must-have Chrome browser extensions for bloggers, and how I use them.

Evernote Web Clipper

I’ve mentioned before how much I love Evernote. It’s my virtual notebook where I keep my list of to-dos, blog ideas, & my blog checklist. Evernote is also compatible with any device which means you can access your notes from anywhere. If you’re out and about without internet access (like on a plane) you can make notes, and your content will sync up across your devices once you’re on wifi!

Chrome’s Evernote extension, Evernote Web Clipper, takes this powerful tool to the next level. When searching for inspiration or researching a blog idea, you can clip an entire article, a simplified version, or just a screenshot. I  create a Notebook for each blog idea I have, and clip all the research I capture. Then,I reference back to it later when I am ready to start writing.


Momentum is a chrome extension that replaces your normal Opening Tab page with a personal dashboard. Each day your dashboard features a new stunning photo backdrop from a cool location, the time, and a personal to do list. It will also ask you “What is your mean focus for today?” Use this to set a daily goal for yourself, and be reminded every time you open up a new browser tab.
Here’s what mine looks like today!


BuzzSumo is a nifty little extension, but super powerful. It allows you to see social share data on any webpage you are looking it, even Twitter shares. This is even more important since Twitter blocked their Twitter share count analytics. It counts how many times your link was shared on Twitter to calculate the results.


You are probably already using a bit.ly account or other URL shortener to track engagements with the links you share. Adding the Bit.ly extension to your browser makes this extra simple by removing the step where you have to log in to your bit.ly account, copy and paste the url, and grab your new shortened link. When you have the extension,  open up the page you’d like to create a bit.ly link for, and click the extension.

Break Timer

This Chrome Extension does exactly what it says. It allows you to set up customizable breaks and will notify you when to take them. You can set how long your breaks are, how often you want to have them, and how you’d like to be notified. The goal of this tool is to help prevent eye strain, and also to give your mind a break. Science tells us that we’re actually more productive when we fit short breaks into our day. This is especially true for bloggers who spend so much time online!

Check My Links

This extension is a link check that crawls a webpage for broken links. When writing a blog post where you’re referencing a lot of 3rd party content, the Check My Links extension will scan through your post to detect any broken ones.

Blog Lovin’

The BlogLovin’ extension is a huge time-saver while also providing great blogspiration for your own content. The extension notifies you when you have unread blog posts from those you follow, and lets you access them with just a click. It’s also a great reminder to network with other bloggers by sharing out their content on social media once it goes live!
There are hundreds of chrome extensions out there built for maximum productivity, so the best way to find the ones that work for you is trial and error. If you don’t find yourself using the extension at all within the first week, remove it and make room for a new one!

What chrome extensions not on my list are you using? I’d love to try them!

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